Lux Cadenza

soulful whispers of sunlight and moon

+ Lux - light; the light of life; music

+ Cadenza - an ornamental passage, usually improvised; the timeless inclination toward originality in music


Lux Cadenza's sound presents a blend of bluesy indie pop. Lux grew out of a creative collaboration between Maria Weissman and Dominic Martinez. The two met while studying jazz in college and clicked over a shared appreciation of Dirty Projectors, Lauryn Hill, and tUnE-yArDs, among other artists. Their music comprises a mix of influences, from Regina Spektor’s imaginative storytelling to Wilco’s controlled chaos. Led by songwriter Weissman, their music continues to evolve and give listeners a unique audible experience. Deep grooves and sparkling melodies for all.

Lux Cadenza released their first music video and single, "Stardust Love," in February 2016.

Lux Cadenza is currently recording their first EP in Los Angeles, CA.